Salad greens

Boston lettuce

Rich green and very fresh, Boston lettuce is mild in taste and forms a loosely folded head surrounded by a rosette of delicate leaves. It has medium size leaves that are meaty, smooth, broad and thick.

Buttercrunch lettuce

Buttercrunch lettuce is a mild leaf lettuce with a loose head. The tender and loose green leaves have a subtle flavor, which allows them countless culinary pairings.

Green leaf lettuce

Green leaf lettuce has a fairly large, loose head and thick, “crumpled” leaves. The leaves will be medium to dark-green in color blending to nearly white ribs or veins.

Iceberg lettuce

Usually about six inches or larger in diameter, iceberg lettuce is round and firm. The mild-flavored pale green leaves offer a refreshing, juicy and crisp texture.

Oak leaf lettuce

With leaves that resemble oak leaves, oak leaf lettuce is a type of butter lettuce.  Its texture and flavor are perfect for accompanying delicate flavors and allowing them to star.

Red leaf lettuce

Red leaf lettuce produces frilly, rumpled reddish-bronze tender showy leaves that grow on a stem. Mild in flavor, this attractive lettuce’s colorful personality makes it an excellent choice for adding its culinary charm to mixed green salads.

Romaine lettuce

Romaine combines good flavor and crunch, plus it has a decent shelf life in the refrigerator.  It’s the preferred green for Caesar salad.


With its peppery and slightly bitter flavor, arugula is a terrific green to throw into an otherwise boring salad.


Mizuna has tender leaves and a pleasant, peppery flavor.