Green bell peppers

The most popular and bright glossy green, bell peppers are absolutely beautiful, feel wonderful and taste heavenly. Firm, smooth and thick-fleshed, the refreshing crunchy texture offers a sweet vegetable flavor.

Scoville units: 0 (0-100)

Red bell peppers

A gorgeous brilliant glossy red color, this firm, smooth-skinned bell pepper is the most common mature pepper. As it matures and turns red, the sugar content increases making its flavor deliciously sweet.

Scoville units: 0 (0-100)

Yellow bell peppers

Glossy and richly colored, the sweet flesh of yellow bell peppers is deliciously crisp and succulent. Typically, the lighter the color, the sweeter the pepper.

Scoville units: 0 (0-100)

Sweet Italian frying  or cubanelle peppers

These sweet fryers range from 4 to 6 inches in length and about 1-1.5 inches in width. The flesh is on the thicker side and the peppers mature from greenish yellow to a deep red. Known as the perfect sweet pepper!

Scoville units: 0 (0-100)

Jalapeño peppers

Smooth, sleek, shiny and rich medium to deep green, the bullet-shaped jalapeño is thick-fleshed with slight characteristic cracks near its stem end. Slightly tapered and blunt-tipped, this rather petite pepper has a dense flesh for its size. Its juicy plump flesh offers a powerful bite, despite its relatively low heat scale rating.

Scoville units: 5 (2500-5000)

Cherry peppers

Red cherry chile peppers are deep orange to bright red at maturity. Nearly spherical, slender long stems hold these cherry-like chile beauties above the foliage of the plant. Ranging from mild to fairly hot, some are quite sweet.

Scoville units: 0-5 (0-3500)

Habañero peppers

Possessing a distinct fruity aroma and unique form, the habañero ranges from green to yellow to orange to red. This chile has an instant scorching heat that quickly vanishes, leaving behind its characteristic fresh fruity flavor. This bold and sizzling chile is up to sixty times hotter than the jalapeño.

Scoville units: 10+ (100,000-300,000)

Hot frying peppers

Small, thin and very hot, red-hot finger chile peppers offer their fiery zest to those who love and crave eye-watering hot food.

Scoville units: 6-8 (5,000-50,000)