Large Italian eggplant

Glossy dark purple-black skin and outstanding eggplant with a classic Italian shape is an elongated oval with very firm flesh.

Small Italian eggplant

Similar to the large Italian eggplant, its smaller size makes it more tender.

Little fingers eggplant

A small, slim eggplant with a mild, sweet taste. This dark purple eggplant is delicious stir-fried, grilled, or even pickled.

White eggplant

Generally smaller than the purple variety, and many people say it’s more tender. White eggplants are also smaller, denser, creamier, less bitter, and more firmly textured than the common purple eggplant. The skin of a white eggplant is tougher than purple eggplant and must be peeled.

Rosita eggplant

A lavender-pink teardrop-shaped eggplant with white shoulders. The white flesh is mild and sweet. The skin is tender without a trace of bitterness. A good all-purpose eggplant.