Onions & garlic

Stiffneck garlic

Wrapped in a white sheath, fresh garlic consists of several cloves that can be individually separated. Each clove of garlic is also encased in a protective white sheath that helps keep each clove fresh and rich in flavor. Choose garlic with plump, firm bulbs.

Elephant garlic

A gentle giant and much larger in size than common garlic, elephant garlic develops a large underground bulb that can weigh as much as one pound, hence its appropriate name. Round and somewhat onion-like, the flavor is mild offering a very pleasant, but distinct, garlic-leek flavor.

Red onions

Distinctive reddish-purple, red onions offer a mild flavor and a crisp juicy texture. An ideal salad onion, this variety is especially superb raw or grilled.

White onions

Wrapped in a white paper-dry skin, this mild onion’s crisp white juicy firm flesh is deliciously sweet. Due to having a higher water content, they are sweeter then yellow onions.

Yellow onions

A traditional variety, yellow onions have been considered to be the flavor foundation of cuisines all over the world for a very long time. Offering a pungent flavor and aroma, these onions just may make you cry. As a seasoning, potent yellow onions never disappoint.

Pearlette onions

Encased in a very thin white wrapper, dainty white pearl onions are usually three-fourths to one-and-one-fourth inches in diameter. Their delicious crisp texture offers an initial sweetness but leaves a delicious sharp lingering aftertaste. Cooked pearl onions offer a succulent crunchy bite.

Green onions or scallions

Also called spring onions, stone leeks and scallions, these popular immature onions have small bulbs and long green stalks. Mild in taste, they offer a definite onion flavor The bright green tops are edible.


The leek’s thick cylindrical white edible root gradually becomes a stalk with an attractive fan of dark green flat leaves. Not forming bulbs or producing cloves like their cousins, leeks develop an edible six to ten inch long round stem that can measure two inches in diameter. Offering a distinct flavor, the texture is deliciously juicy. Leeks are considered to be the sweetest and gentlest members of the onion family.