Other misc.

Green asparagus

Extraordinary in taste, texture and appearance, each spear varies from mid-green to dark green. The rich solid color of the tender spear is consistent from its stem end to its delicate tip. Size and color have no effect on their superior quality as asparagus always offers a dependable melting flavor.

Purple asparagus

Similar to the green asparagus in appearance, purple asparagus is larger at the base. The delicious flavor and crisp tender texture of this unique variety offers a slightly sweeter taste. The flesh of this novelty burgundy-colored asparagus is a creamy greenish-white and has twenty percent higher sugar content than green asparagus.


Referred to as “ribs”, sleek celery stalks are refreshingly crisp and crunchy. Celery “hearts” are the tender innermost ribs of the celery stalk.

Bicolor corn

A luscious blend of yellow and white kernels. Varieties are aptly named butter & sugar, honey & cream, and sugar & gold for their sweet, delicious flavor.

White corn

The kernels of this deliciously tender corn variety are a very pale white. White corn is especially sweet, so sweet and very, very tender.

Yellow corn

Truly a vegetable staple, how does one justly describe biting into a delicious hot buttered fresh ear of sweet yellow corn? Juicy, plump, tender oh-so-sweet bright yellow kernels are packed tightly on the cob offering an unforgettable addicting flavor.


Bright green okra is a slender, ridged and tapered pod. Tender and sweet-tasting, okra is at its tastiest best when picked between four and five inches in length. Naturally slippery, slimy and sticky, okra fans especially love this vegetable’s slippery culinary personality.